How to Contact a Live Person in Taco Bell Customer Service

If you need help from a live customer service representative at Taco Bell, call 1-800-822-6235. To speak directly with an agent press 5 (if you would like to speak with someone about your recent Taco Bell order or experience) and stay on the line.

Alternatively, explore the following options available in the customer service phone menu:

  1. Press 1 if you’re calling for information about locations, nutrition, or the Taco Bell Foundation.
  2. Press 2 for more information about gift cards.
  3. Press 3 to learn more about the Taco Bell rewards loyalty program or information on delivery.
  4. Press 4 if you have questions about the app or your Taco Bell account.
  5. Press 5 if you would like to speak with someone about your recent Taco Bell order or experience.
  6. Press 9 to repeat these options.

Taco Bell Customer Service Hours

Live customer support representatives at Taco Bell are accessible 24/7.

Taco Bell Customer Service Phones

  • Taco Bell Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-822-6235. Live customer service representatives are available 24/7.
  • Taco Bell eGift Card/Gift Card: 1-888-999-5605.

Customer Service for Taco Bell on Social Networks

Taco Bell Live Chat Support

Live chat support is not available on Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Support Email

Contact Taco Bell support: [email protected]

To contact Taco Bell through email, please visit the Taco Bell Contact page, complete the form, and click the “Submit” button.

Taco Bell Help Center

Access more information about Taco Bell on the Taco Bell Customer Support page.

Taco Bell Near Me

You can find your nearest Taco Bell or within your specific location on the Taco Bell Locator page.

Taco Bell Mobile App

The Taco Bell mobile app is designed to enhance your experience with the popular fast-food chain, providing a convenient way to order food, customize your meals, and access exclusive deals. Here are some key features of the Taco Bell app:

  1. Easy Ordering
  2. Exclusive Deals and Offers
  3. Order Ahead and Pickup
  4. Menu Browsing
  5. Location Finder
  6. Payment Options
  7. Order History


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