How to Connect a Live Person in Roku Customer Service

When you require assistance from a live customer service representative at QVC, dial 1-816-272-8106. To speak directly with an agent, press 1 (for technical support), then press 1 (if you have trouble with your TV, streaming device or audio) and stay on the line.

Alternatively, explore the following options available in the customer service phone menu:

  1. Press 1 for technical support.
  2. Press 2 for help with your Roku account a recent charge or subscription billing.
  3. Press 3 if you are checking on the status of your order or return.
  4. Press 4 for any other product or service questions.
  5. Press the pound to hear these options again.

Roku Hold Time

The typical waiting time is 1-2 minutes.

Roku Customer Service Hours

Live customer service representatives at Roku are accessible 24/7.

Roku Customer Service Phones

  • Roku Customer Support Phone: 1-816-272-8106. Live customer service representatives are available seven days a week.

Roku Social Networks Customer Service

  • Reach Roku customer service through the Roku Facebook page. Typically, a Roku customer service representative responds within an hour.
  • You can also connect with Roku support via the Roku Support Twitter/X page. Live customer service representatives are accessible from 9 am-9 pm PT on Monday-Sunday.
  • View the latest Roku videos on the Roku Youtube page.
  • View the latest Roku photos on the Roku Instagram page.

Roku Community

For more information about Roku, visit the Roku Forums page. Community Support representatives are available seven days a week.

Roku Customer Service Live Chat

Roku does not provide live chat support.

Roku Support Email

For Privacy Policy: [email protected]

To reach out to Roku through email, please visit the Roku help page, select an option and complete the form.

Roku Help Center

Access more information about Roku on the Roku Customer Support page.

Roku Mobile App

The Roku App serves as an adaptable tool for users of Roku streaming devices, offering a variety of features to enhance your viewing experience. Here are some of its key features:

  • Remote Control: Transform your smartphone or tablet into a comprehensive remote control. Easily navigate the Roku interface, launch channels, and manage playback. It even includes a keyboard for simpler text input, ideal for searching content.
  • Voice Search: Utilize the voice search function to find your favorite shows, movies, actors, or directors by speaking into your device. This speeds up the search process significantly compared to using a traditional remote control.
  • Private Listening: This feature lets you listen to your TV’s audio through your headphones, perfect for watching TV without disturbing others. Up to four people can use private listening simultaneously if they each have the app on their devices.
  • Cast Media: Share photos, videos, and music from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. This makes it easy to enjoy personal media on a larger screen with friends and family.
  • Channel Access and Launch: Browse and start channels directly from the app, making it convenient to access content without needing to use the on-screen menu.
  • Content Discovery: Receive personalized content recommendations based on your viewing habits. The app compiles content from various channels, simplifying the discovery of new shows and movies.
  • Stream Live TV: For Roku devices that support live TV streaming, the app allows you to access and control live TV channels, providing a comprehensive viewing experience.

The Roku App is available on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring wide accessibility for users.


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